How to clean your grout & tile

Most people think using bleach to clean your grout is the answer to everything. They even spend countless hours on the Internet trying to discover the secrets of cleaning their grout. The truth is it all depends on the type of grout you are working with. There are two types of grout typically used in homes or businesses. Sanded Grout & Unsanded Grout. Let’s start with unsanded grout for today.

Once this grout gets dirty, it’s usually from mold from inside of a shower. The grout gets moldy from the rear of the structure moving outward toward the front. So mold, mildew & phosphorus (soap scum) are very difficult to clean. Once the grout has started to show mold, the only course is to regrout the joints. Simple cleaning with a bleach product will only whiten the top layer, which always causes the grout to return the mold. I recommend The Grout BOSS team for that type of job. Although later on in my blog, I will discuss the proper way to regrout a tight unsanded joint. If you are still thinking about cleaning the shower walls find a cleaner with a base citric acid property. The best consumer product I would recommend is Zep’s Shower Cleaner found in Home Depot. Spray the product on, let it sit for a few seconds, agitate with a Scotch Brite green pad, grout brush the joints and rinse with warm water. The acid in the cleaner (not pool acid!) is a minor type of acid that shouldn’t be harmful to you if used in moderation. The acidic property neutralizes the phosphorus on the tiles and cleans off the layer of mold in the joints. The key is to agitate the cleaner on the walls. There is NO cleaner that we have found that does the work for you. Good old fashion elbow grease is the key.

As always if you live in the Central Florida area from Orlando, Brevard County up to Flagler County, The Grout BOSS can help you out! When Dirty Grout Needs To Go….Call The Grout Pro!