Why The Grout Boss

Meet The Founder

Eric Tirado has created the ultimate franchise for grout and tile restoration that is deeply rooted in training and marketing. The marketing piece is the difference maker–but the roots of the training program and systematic approach to how the franchisee schedules and coordinates his employees has its foundation in what he learned in the military.

The military teaches you many things, but the most important things is that you need to follow a plan and execute the plan that has been provided to you. Eric believes strongly that this is your business–however you are not in business by yourself and the systems that he has put in place will help you build a home-based business that you can grow.

“What I am most proud of is that our success directly impacts two initiatives that I am involved with. The Thomas B. Grimm Veterans’s Scholarship and the Boss Initiative Military Veteran’s Fund’Eric Tirado


Thomas Grimm was a veteran of The United States Navy and served in Vietnam. Tom was also the father in law of our Founder and CEO Eric Tirado. After leaving the Navy, Tom joined the Bay County Sheriff’s Department in Panama City, Florida where he serve 30 years. Tom was a patriot who loved his country. Tom passed from cancer in March of 2017.

The scholarship is in his Honor. With this scholarship, all honorably discharged veterans will automatically qualify for our $4,000 scholarship towards their Franchise Fee. We hope that our veterans can seamlessly take the next step into entrepreneurship and continue to serve their communities.