The Best Method to Keep Your Grout Clean

Customers always ask me, “What’s the best way to clean my grout after you’ve cleaned and sealed it?” I always tell them a good old fashion type mop and neutral cleaner. Most people are familiar with using vinegar and water and that’s fine, but if you really want to keep your newly cleaned floors looking their best, using a mop with a water and neutral cleaner solution will give you the best results. Neutral cleaners won’t break down the sealers in your grout so quickly and most of them have a built in decreasing agent that will assist in loosening the dirt and oils that are in your grout lines and tile. Most janitorial supply stores carry a brand of Neutral Cleaner, but Home Depot carries a brand by Zep’s that is very good. In the video link I demonstrate why a mop works the best. A Swiffer just doesn’t get between the grout lines as well as the strings of a mop. Even the Shark home steamers aren’t as affective with a floor that has a significant amount of dirt build up. Now remember, this cleaning method really works best after your floors have been professionally cleaned and sealed. That’s the key!

Sealers and penetrating stains soak into the pours of the grout and create a barrier much like wax on a car’s finish. Most people are under the impression that sealers prevent the grout from getting dirty, which is incorrect. Sealers protect against oil and water based stains. In other words for example, if you spill a little wine on the grout line, it will give you some time before it completely soaks into the grout. These are grout joints so in time they will attract a small amount of dirt and oil, but using a mop with a neutral cleaning solution will keep your floors looking good for a much longer period of time.