Why Is My Grout Falling Out?

There are a few people we give estimates for that have spots in there grout that have either worn out, or are spotty with missing grout. When we first go into the house and we see this problem, the first thing I look at is the size of the dogs they have in the home. Yes, it’s your dogs causing the grout to flick out in small pieces all over the floor. There are a few reasons why this happens so don’t start sending your dog away yet.

The main thing that causes your grout to be torn apart easily, is the installation. When mixing grout, sometimes technicians like to mix it with more water, than it’s called for. This makes it easier to float (mush into the joints) the grout and stretches the grout so you don’t have to use as much. The problem is that it causes the bonding agents that are in the grout to not hold properly and release with time. This makes the grout brittle and easier for it to be scrapped out. If your grout is in extremely bad shape, the only recourse is to remove the remainder of the grout and regrout the floor with the proper mixture of grout. DO NOT attempt to simply float new grout on top of the old stuff. This is a nightmare you will not want. The grout that is floated on the old stuff will not adhere to the new stuff effectively and will eventually begin to fall out and flake. This will also cause the grout lines to be too high and more even with the tile. This will cause your grout to get dirtier in the higher spots and will make your floor look spotty!.

Once you have removed and regrouted the floor properly, preferably by a professional (hand grout saws to remove grout will not do the job, I assure you), take your dog to the groomers and have their nails trimmed. It’s called preventative maintenance.

Well that’s it for now. Good luck and as always if you have any questions, please feel free to let us know. http://www.thegroutpro.com/